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Analogue Photography • Heritage Crafts • Miniature Painting
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Welcome to the studio of Audrey Marie where I create works of art influenced by a classic past-time. Over 3 decades ago, I inaugurated my first photographic studio situated in Toronto, Canada where I developed a niche for black and white child and family portraiture, commercial photography as well as film and modelling full body and head shots.  During this early phase in my career, I practiced traditional image development techniques by making use of physical darkrooms to process films and hand printing individual images, which is a fading art replaced now largely by computer softwares. I am here to present a fresh new look on times gone by, seamlessly fitting with the current trends to entice others...

Living HistoryPortraits

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 Each vintage postcard we create is a labor of love, a tribute to the past that we hope will inspire and delight all who gaze upon it. Contact us today to commission your own custom vintage postcard or explore our collection of ready-made artworks.


Experience the timeless elegance of black & white photography reimagined in a modern context. Our gift cards are perfect for any occasion, whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or just to say "I care". Treat yourself or someone you love to the beauty of hand-tinted photography with Audrey Marie Photography.

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Our studio collection features a curated selection of hand-tinted photographs ready for purchase. However, if you have a special family ancestral image that holds sentimental value, we can create a personalized replica piece of art for you. Simply contact us with your photo and we will work our magic to breathe new life into it.


Creating handcrafted antique boards that pair perfectly with old-time photography, creating stunning keepsakes reminiscent of days gone by. Our antique boards are meticulously crafted to give your photographs a timeless feel, evoking nostalgia and charm.

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Image by Stella Rosalyn


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