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Welcome to Analogue Photography Projects, dedicated to challenging the modern perception that photography has become overly polished and sterile.  In this era dominated by digital technology and the ability to meticulously edit images to remove any imperfections, I am here to celebrate the unique beauty found in those flaws. Through my personal journey Mastering The Art Of Antique Photography, I have developed a deep passion for capturing moments using vintage and antique cameras that date back from the late 19th to the mid-20th Century.

1910 Sanderson Camera.png


My Antique Cameras are more than 100 years old, as is the craft to produce the photos of the times taken with them. I work with a variety of old time cameras, from a large format studio camera used in 1890's to a WW1 Pocket camera. 


Mastering the Art of Antique Photography, specialising in the periods between 1900-1940's. The cameras and techniques used, can be quite technical and a pain staking process, but with the correct skills, patience and strong vision, the finished product can produce a beautiful piece of fine art to treasure for years to come.



To be considered a Vintage Camera it would need to be at least 40 years old. With our large collection of cameras from mid 1920's through to the late 70's, I have numerous options to engage your interest and learn. I hope the experiences I share will entice others to further explore this special 



Historic Interpretation portraiture and the film cameras I have chosen to use to take my images, can be the most fun to work with... resulting in numerous styles and various pieces of art. Collaborations with Educational Forums, Organisations, Groups &  Museums, throughout Europe and the United Kingdom has been a passion of ours.