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Photography is becoming sterile. A lot of photographers spend hours editing the life out of images, removing earth’s little blemishes, removing things they don’t like, adding things so the image is more pleasing.  

I am here to prove Imperfection… is Perfection!

Audrey Marie Photography offers a unique and nostalgic experience, combining decades capturing timeless moments with vintage and antique cameras. Specialising in analogue photography and darkroom printing, Audrey Marie brings a deep passion for preserving history through art. From historical locations to her home studio, Audrey Marie Photography creates a visual journey back in time, inspiring viewers with a minimalist yet elegant approach to storytelling. Audrey Marie invites you to step back in time and indulge in a visual smorgasbord of eye candy. Join us on a journey of rediscovery and connection to the past through the art of analogue photography.

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