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Creative Director & Photographer

I'm a Canadian inventor with 25+ years working in product design, an internationally award winning photographer with my work  represented by National Geographic and Getty Images, a marketing, sales & social media expert, with a passion for world history, genealogy research, travel and writing.
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Graphic Designer /Photo Restorer

Trained as a Graphic Designer, I have a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Graphic Design. During my long graphics and print career I have used design, image software and scanners from every leading supplier including the highest resolution drum scanners. Advice and support on getting the best from whatever image you have is always available.
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Vintage Makeup & Hair Artist

"I'm all about finding the natural, effortless glamour that we all have inside" Obsessed with lipstick from age 3, Heathers makeup journey began at a young age. Before becoming a full time freelance makeup and hair artist, Heather travelled the world as cabin crew with (the worlds most glamorous airline) Virgin Atlantic.
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WWI&II Historian & Re-Enactor

A true blue history buff, having spent 3 years on an educational journey in Normandy and Alsace France, working and volunteering with WW2 D-Day veterans... for a hands on experience that has led to a career in re-enactment and educating others. Hoping to inspired others to do the same, and to never forget the sacrifices that were made by our ancestors.
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