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Creating a timeless classic foundation, carefully designed to encompass a minimalistic, authentic existence, yet elegant and plentiful lifestyle, influenced from times gone by. I will create a slow living lifestyle, where ageing gracefully in that perfect place, away from prejudice and where I can take pride in my own unique convictions...highlighting my travels to enlightenment, genealogical research following the paths of my ancestors by documenting and sharing this project. Finding true happiness by daringly letting go of things, surrounding myself with those that truly matter, resulting in a simpler new life of profound happiness and freedom! 


I hope to inspire others along the way with an interactive presentation that seeks to give observers and participants a sense of stepping back in time, sometimes incorporating a more historical reenactment demonstrations and engaging visuals of how an old time lifestyle has tremendous benefits ... creating my best life!  The Living history Project is to be an educational medium, sharing information and resources of historical activities, past-time art crafts that fit into the current fashion trends, and the tools that best suit a new set of adopted ideals for a healthier, happier and responsible life for not just us but our planet... or to simply convey a sense of the everyday life of certain periods in history to reach a new set of lifestyle goals.

Slow Living Lifestyle Check List

 For An Intentional & Purposeful Life 

To Do List

1 / Spend Time In Nature

Slow living is a way to reconnect with nature.

2 / Declutter Your Life

Embracing a slow living lifestyle means decluttering both your physical and digital life.

3 / Say 'No' More Often

This begins at home with family.

4 / Start A Slow Hobby

For me this will be old time photography process with my antique cameras and working in the actual room in the dark working with chemicals.

6 / Grow It Yourself

I have wanted to build my own organic garden for years, but life has always got in the more!

5 / Eating Mindfully

I tend to worry more about feeding my family and what they may like, than taking care of my wishes. I plan on taking more time for me and my health.



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