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Audrey Marie

I am Audrey Marie, of Swedish, German, and Eastern European decent.  As an EU national with dual citizenship, I am an inventor of a unique one-of-a-kind cycling accessory, holding two industrial design patents, and I worked in the design industry for over two decades. 


My success in the field of photography has garnered international recognition, with my works being represented by esteemed organisations like National Geographic and Getty Images. But beyond these achievements, I am passionate about various aspects of life, including world history, genealogy research and ancestors in war, heritage travels, wildlife advocacy, hiking, skiing and all things in and around the water. 

In addition to my creative pursuits, I have established a strong reputation as a customer service professional, forging connections with clients all over the world. Over the course of my career, I have held successive roles in business management, ownership, operations, sales, and social media marketing. I am also well-versed in brand marketing, marketing communications, agency leadership, advertising, media, and experimental marketing.

My love for photography was sparked early on, when I was given my first camera at age 12. Since then, I have built a successful photography studio in Toronto, specialising in child and family portraits, commercial work, film, and modelling headshots. In those days, developing film and printing images required skill and patience in a darkroom, which was my refuge for years.

Eventually, I shifted my career path to the field of ophthalmology, where I operated the Heidelberg Laser Retinal Tomograph and Eye Corp camera in a private practice that included Toronto Sick Children's Hospital. Although I found the work to be fulfilling and rewarding, I couldn't deny the pull of my creative photography spirit, and I ultimately returned to what I loved most.


My fascination with genealogy dates back to the 1980s, when I began researching my own family tree and its many branches from both my birth and adoptive family lines. But it was my son Jack's interest in World War I that ignited my passion for ancestors in war history, and led us to discover my grandfather's wartime trunk in my parents' basement. This treasure trove of artefacts sparked an intense period of ancestral genealogical research, and ultimately shaped our travel destinations and our decision to move to Europe. We are both fascinated by history, and enjoy sharing our knowledge and love of the past through a range of creative pursuits.​

After the sudden loss of my husband and the challenges we faced in the aftermath, choosing to provide my son Jack with a global education was a game-changer. It was a difficult decision to go against the traditional school system, especially as a sole parent, but it was the best choice we could have made.


Instead of focusing on the judgmental attitudes of those around us, we embraced the opportunity to create a life on our own terms. The loss of friends and family relations only strengthened our bond as we navigated this new path together.


Today, 15 years on, I have no regrets about the choices we made. Jack's passion for world history and learning of our ancestors in war is a testament to the impact of a global education. He is thriving, contributing positively to society, and paving his own way in the world through his platform Relic Hunter Jack.

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~ Jennifer, Rosemary and Eric Robinson- Robinson Goldsmith's Bangor, N.I.

We were lucky when Marie fell into our lap, and timing could not have been more perfect to help us with our 25 year family business that was needing some restructuring to accommodate NI unpredictable market.  She is an exceptional international professional with a wide range of unique skills, from photography, web design, e-commerce EPos till system knowledge, social media savy, and most of all an international brand marketing expert.  She is reliable, always happy with a positive attitude, never saying can't!  We continue to use Marie's services ongoing. Her stunning photography on our website has been a massive contribution to our in store and online sales. Her global business sense and advice has been invaluable. We trust Marie immensely and recommend her work without hesitation! 

~ Ralph Haverkate- Uruguay Real Estate

I have developed a great partnership with Marie on several projects that required the use of her many talents in design, photography, brand marketing, videography and global real estate expertise. Her professionalism, understanding many industries, good communication, tireless dedication and attention to detail is evident in the final products.  I highly recommend this professional to work with!

~ Bettina Waldroff - Owner & Director of Samina North America

Marie has a seamless reputation for being very professional and a pleasure to work with.  She alters her hours of operation for overseas clients, making the job from start to finish very accommodating.  Her expertise as a visionary, combined with her technical skills, a wonderful attitude, good communication and bringing the project in before deadline, is to be commended.  Without reservations, her drive and abilities will truly be an asset to any start up or organisation.

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