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Heritage Craft Photography with Audrey Marie is where we share an old time photography art form, taking photos with vintage & antique cameras, on vintage sets and in historical locations as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone. In an age where instant gratification and digital enhancement dominate the photography world, we are here to share the natural beauty of imperfections and idiosyncrasies that can be found in vintage & antique film cameras. These imperfections tell a tale of authenticity and uniqueness, reminding society of the beauty that lies in the small imperfections we often overlook as a piece of Art. 

Audrey Marie exemplifies the enduring appeal and inherent charm of analogue photography. Specialising in traditional darkroom techniques, Audrey Marie showcases an extensive portfolio that seamlessly blends vintage aesthetics with modern sensibilities. Her unique perspective, cultivated through her interaction with antique and vintage cameras, breathes life into each photograph imprinting ineffable elegance even on commonplace subjects.


Audrey Marie is not merely a seasoned photographer but also a versatile creative powerhouse due to her enriching three-decade-long international experience as an expatriate. The amalgamation of design elements, curatorial practices and narrative devices in her work elevates it beyond standard photographic limits. It invites viewers for a retrospectively insightful journey while simultaneously applauding the contemporaneity. From film-captured images to archival finds presented in her boutique; each undertone contributes towards making Audrey Marie Photography symbolic of visual grandeur and historically profound narratives.


With an unyielding commitment to elevate her craft consistently, every piece under Audrey Marie’s label substantiates her passion for storytelling intrinsically encapsulated within visually stunning works or immersive travel experiences. Even the thoughtfully curated collection lined up at Audrey Marie's reflects this unique blend visually translating stories from another era into tangible artefacts today.


Audrey Marie promises not merely photographs but entry tickets into a world where time morphs its form preserving tales worth telling over generations - lending immortality possible only via arts like these: timeless yet narratively compelling.

Allow yourself to be led by Audrey Marie Photography on your personalised voyage across times enriched by vivid imagery guaranteed capturing senses justifiably infatuated by their unmatched artistic vision.

Analogue Photography Projects, a platform dedicated to challenging the modern perception that photography has become overly polished and sterile.  In this era dominated by digital technology and the ability to meticulously edit images to remove any imperfections, I am here to celebrate the unique beauty found in those flaws. Through my personal journey Mastering The Art Of Antique Photography, I have developed a deep passion for capturing moments using vintage and antique cameras that date back from the late 19th to the mid-20th Century.

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After immersing myself in different cultures and landscapes for over two decades, I have come to realise that travel is not just about sightseeing or ticking off bucket list destinations. It is a journey of personal growth and enlightenment, where each road trip and exploration adds to the currency of knowledge and understanding. Through my photography and storytelling, I aim to share the magic of travel and inspire others to embark on their own journey of enlightenment. As we wander through stunning locations and seek out unique historical backdrops, we are not just capturing moments in time but also capturing the essence of a transformative and enlightening experience. Join me on this journey of discovery and let travel be your guide to a deeper understanding of the world and yourself.

Mont Saint Michel

Audrey Marie Photography offers a unique and nostalgic experience, combining decades capturing timeless moments with vintage and antique cameras. Specialising in analogue photography and darkroom printing, Audrey Marie brings a deep passion for preserving history through art. From historical locations to her home studio, Audrey Marie Photography creates a visual journey back in time, inspiring viewers with a minimalist yet elegant approach to storytelling. Audrey Marie invites you to step back in time and indulge in a visual smorgasbord of eye candy. Join us on a journey of rediscovery and connection to the past through the art of analogue photography.

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~ Jennifer, Rosemary and Eric Robinson- Robinson Goldsmith's Bangor, N.I.

We were lucky when Marie fell into our lap, and timing could not have been more perfect to help us with our 25 year family business that was needing some restructuring to accommodate NI unpredictable market.  She is an exceptional international professional with a wide range of unique skills, from photography, web design, e-commerce EPos till system knowledge, social media savy, and most of all an international brand marketing expert.  She is reliable, always happy with a positive attitude, never saying can't!  We continue to use Marie's services ongoing. Her stunning photography on our website has been a massive contribution to our in store and online sales. Her global business sense and advice has been invaluable. We trust Marie immensely and recommend her work without hesitation! 

~ Ralph Haverkate- Uruguay Real Estate

I have developed a great partnership with Marie on several projects that required the use of her many talents in design, photography, brand marketing, videography and global real estate expertise. Her professionalism, understanding many industries, good communication, tireless dedication and attention to detail is evident in the final products.  I highly recommend this professional to work with!

~ Bettina Waldroff - Owner & Director of Samina North America

Marie has a seamless reputation for being very professional and a pleasure to work with.  She alters her hours of operation for overseas clients, making the job from start to finish very accommodating.  Her expertise as a visionary, combined with her technical skills, a wonderful attitude, good communication and bringing the project in before deadline, is to be commended.  Without reservations, her drive and abilities will truly be an asset to any start up or organisation.

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