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Antique Cameras are at least 100 years old, as is the craft to produce the photos of the times before 1922. Mastering the Art of Antique Photography, specialising in the periods between 1903-1930's, creating Autochrome glass plate photography into pieces of art with the stunning parts that accompany them.


A ntique   Travel

The first Post Cards appeared in about 1870 and the first advertising card in 1872 in Great Britain. Cards showing the Eiffel Tower appeared in 1889 and the first coloured card ever printed was in 1889 making them more popular than ever. We are creating beautiful travel Post Cards and Cards similar to times gone by.


Pet  Wildlife

In the early 1900's portrait calling cards were very popular and pet owners often wanted to be photographed with their most loyal companions. The Studio will soon be taking pet portraits so you can share them old fashion way with you personalised image onto antique cards.

pet coloured photo_edited.jpg
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