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My mission is to connect others to the importance of the past and what better way to do that than with an eclectic vision of eye candy to assault your senses. I create works of art influenced by a classic past-time, while being that educational medium and resource of historical information, sharing an old time photography art form and its counterparts. You'll be better for the experience... 

Heritage Craft Photography
~ All That I Do


Historic Interpretation

My goal is to be that bridge by becoming an educational medium, sharing information and resources educating heritage crafts as a historical interpreter by Living History...a day in the life...

Audrey Marie Photography.png

Heritage Craft Photography

Creating vintage works of art influenced by a classic past-time. Taking old time photos with vintage & antique cameras, in period museum pieces, on vintage sets and in historical locations as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.


Demonstrations & Displays

Authentic vintage & antique fashions, accessories and props set in an old time portrait studio, with matching cameras to the era. Giving the observers and participants a true experience!

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Vintage & Antique Crafts

I create and sell an old time art form of unique crafts including vintage gift cards, postcards and pretty antique boards to accompany heritage craft photography, creating one-of-a-kind works of art.


Photo Genealogy

I work with enthusiasm to piece together the puzzles of your family tree, connecting the dots to the place and time family photos were taken. My expertise work to identify the clues your photos lend to complete the mysteries.

1. Diamond Family c.1905 - Colour 2.jpg

Miniature Painting 
Colourisation & Restoration

Following in the footsteps of my maternal grandparents who owned and operated a photo studio in the 30's & 40's This is where my grandfather was the photographer and my grandmother hand painted the photos...creating stunning family heirlooms for generations to enjoy! 

A bout
Audrey  Marie

 Taking old time photos with antique cameras, in period museum pieces, on vintage sets and in historical locations, as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone. Combining 25+ years experience in design, staging, photography, darkroom developing and miniature painting...following a trade by my grandparents and great-grandparents from Germany and Eastern Europe . Sharing an old time photography art form, combined with stunning hand crafted antique boards and frames to treasure for generations to come.

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A bout    Jack

Jack has lived an expat life for 15+years having spent time in Costa Rica volunteering at a sanctuary caring for wounded and sick wildlife, Sweden educating fellow students about his experiences, assistant researcher after having his DNA tested to take his family lines back hundreds of years, leading him into following his ancestors in War... learning the stories of his great grandparents and great gran-uncles in War... leading his new found passion for history to a full time career, sharing and educating others through his privately owned collection of museum pieces, hoping to bring the past to life for all to enjoy! 

~ Bettina Waldroff
- Owner & Director of
Samina North America

Mary has a seamless reputation for being very professional and a pleasure to work with.  She alters her hours of operation for overseas clients, making the job from start to finish very accommodating.  Her expertise as a visionary, combined with her technical skills, a wonderful attitude, good communication and bringing the project in before deadline, is to be commended.  Without reservations, her drive and abilities will truly be an asset to any start up or organisation.

~ Robinson Goldsmith's
- Jennifer, Rosemary and Eric Robinson, Bangor Northern Ireland U.K.

We were lucky when Mary fell into our lap, and timing could not have been more perfect to help us with our 25 year family business that was needing some restructuring to accommodate NI unpredictable market.  She is an exceptional international professional with a wide range of unique skills, from photography, web design, e-commerce EPos till system knowledge, social media savy, and most of all an international brand marketing expert.  She is reliable, always happy with a positive attitude, never saying can't!  We continue to use Mary's services ongoing. Her stunning photography on our website has been a massive contribution to our in store and online sales. Her global business sense and advice has been invaluable. We trust Mary immensely and recommend her work without hesitation!


~ Ralph Haverkate
- Uruguay Real Estate

I have developed a great partnership with Mary on several projects that required the use of her many talents in design, photography, brand marketing, videography and global real estate expertise. Her professionalism, understanding many industries, good communication, tireless dedication and attention to detail is evident in the final products.  I highly recommend this professional to work with!

Project Emporium

Active Project

Project Emporium has been in the making for over twenty years.  As an international specialist I will be presenting the Grande Tour of a distinctively unique treasure trove of goodies with historical substance and magnificent stories showcased under one roof.  Introducing products of an enriched past time to assault your senses. Inspiring an inbound audience, with authentic culturally rich classic gems surrounding heritage craft photography. It will be where we amalgamate Audrey Marie's professional photography, love of Christmas past and passion for living history, with the crème de la crème of the global crop! 


In Flanders Field Museum

Active Project 

Presently collaborating with the Flanders Field Museum in Ypres, Belgium on two separate projects. We have been able to contribute photographic items, that once identified in full, will become one of the museums exhibits. Secondly we have compiled in detail several of our ancestors in war stories, including Marie's Grandfather Captain Frederick William Doran's  that has since been added to the museums ongoing project of soldiers in war. People from five continents and from more than a hundred different countries took part in the war. Their personal stories are all equally worthy of being passed on, my Paternal Grandfather included!

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